Monday, February 23, 2009

hoping, somehow, to be able to post

So, my mac is in the hands of geniuses who promise it will be all better in myriad ways in... 24 to 48 hours. If it is 24 hours, I can pick it up tomorrow evening and will have it for the trip- which would be GREAT. If it is 48 hours... I won't be picking it up until next Monday. Sigh. Or, I suppose Sunday evening if we get in on time.

I'm sitting at Kevin's computer now. It is so strange to be working on a desktop!

Perhaps you've noticed that while I don't blog like I used to- daily posts, sigh, what a dream- I have been disciplined about posting every Friday, on her "birthday", to capture an image or images from the week, and offer updates in some form or another. Often I do this posting during "Battlestar Galactica". I know, BSG fans, this is ridiculous. As the series races to its close it deserves my full attention. But, by the time it is over, I am WAY too tired to post. And before it rolls around I'm way too busy- usually. So we have friends over to watch with us usually and I hope they don't mind, but I take the time to post these updates. I figure it is better to do it then than when we're enjoying dinner and conversation.

Well, if I don't have my computer back getting images up on Friday may be an impossibility. Getting stories up... possible, very possible. So... just so you know... images may be delayed this week. I'm sure I'll have lots of images to post when we get back. And wow. I really need to update my photo albums on facebook. This isn't hard. I don't know why I never get around to it.

Thanks for the travel tips. Several people at school today recommended Benadryl, as did one of you. That gave me hope for an emergency measure if breastfeeding on take off and landing doesn't work for some reason or if she is just CRANKY (particularly red faced and screaming) as she can be. Called the pediatrician to see if it would be an option and NO. She's too young. Sigh. How do you tell all those on the flight with you that you are SORRY?

Oh well. There will be stories to tell. That is for sure.


Juniper said...

That thing about the benadryl might not be a bad thing. Some of them (my boy for one) just get wired on the stuff, not tired.

Word verf = "seepi" which is what I am. So off to bed :)

LittleMary said...

so hope you don't get the red faced screaming in your travel...have a good trip!

Abuelita said...

Relax and enjoy the trip. Caroline will nurse on take off and landing and all will be fine. It's traveling when she's two years old that you have to worry about.
Lots of love

Heidi said...

I love hearing the stories, too. Good luck with the trip -- hope all will be fine. Blogging during BSG reminds me of doing homework in front of the tv when I was younger... it worked!