Sunday, February 22, 2009

travel tips?

We are taking our first big trip with Caroline this coming Wednesday through Sunday. We're flying to Iowa so I can speak at a friend's church. So... dear friends who've been mommies and daddies before, or aunties and uncles, or great babysitters or whatever... any tips for the travel???


April said...

Nursing at takeoff and landing to avoid ear-popping was helpful. Otherwise, with a baby Caroline's age, I think it's more about making yourself as comfortable as possible. I'd suggest streamlining your carry-on/ diaper bag as much as possible -- just what you need in the airport and on the plane -- leave the rest in your other luggage. AND I'd also advise packing a snack and water for you and Kev. You may not think it's necessary on a short flight, but we once ended up sitting in a plane for two hours with a six month old. We were all tired and grumpy, but the granola bars and water helped us and, therefore, her. Good luck!

April said...

Oh -- and if she still likes the sling, take it for the plane. It may be really helpful to give your arms a bit of a rest!

esperanza said...

Some of this may be stuff you already know...
If you're taking the car seat and/or stroller, you can use it in the airport and "gate check" it as you board.
For takeoff and landing, it may help her ears if you can nurse her. (just as April said).
Take more diapers than you think you could possibly need.
Ditto on the clothes (extra for you and her).
It helped me to make a really good list and then save it for the next trip.

I'll probably think of more later. Have a good trip!