Friday, February 27, 2009

12 Weeks!

We're here in Iowa. My speech is done. Phew. And we've been hanging at dear Shelly's house much of the day, playing with the kids and entertaining Caroline and catching up on what has transpired in life and ministry in the last, oh, six years, and just generally relaxing. Good stuff. And Caroline is now 12 weeks old!

Here are a few shots of her today!

But I'm sure you're all eager to hear how the travels went. Well, Abuelita was right. It was fine. She didn't exactly nurse on take off and landing on both flights, sort of, but she slept through the landing on the second flight and nearly slept through the take off on the first. She didn't seem to have any trouble with take off. The first landing she was nursing, but I suspect her ears were bothering her- mine were and she kept pulling off the breast and fretting. Poor thing. But really she was pretty content, even smiley on the flights. And she got some good sleep on both flights. She also managed to have a MAJOR blow out on that first flight which made our very short layover a bit touchy. I managed to leave my purse on the plane in my mad dash to get her to a restroom to change her- completely! Kev went back for it, but as it was we made it to our gate JUST before final boarding (though we never heard an initial boarding announcement). I had really been looking forward to pre-boarding privileges, but didn't manage to get them, somehow, in either case. That second flight was pretty empty so the stewardess urged us to take up two rows and the stewardess, proud grandmother of an eight month old she doesn't get to see often enough doted on us throughout the flight. I asked for water and she brought me nearly a liter of water, the whole bottle saying "You're nursing. You need this." And sure enough I drank the whole thing. After both flights when people on the plane would see here they'd say "There was a baby on this plane? I had no idea!" Phew. One business man said "How did you keep that baby so quiet?" We didn't really, she was a bit squawky at the end of that first flight, but I answered "By the grace of God." Indeed.

A few shots from the trip out here:

At home, all ready to go!

Waiting for our first flight! Isn't this outfit adorable. The fleece pants and jacket were a gift from cousin Kelly, thanks! And the shirt I found at Goodwill!

Happy in a carrier!!!!! Hooray!!!! The Baby Bjorn works for us! Thank you again, Rebecca and Josh! And don't they look cute? Diaper back pack on his back (again, thanks, R and J!), gorgeous girl on his front!

At a yummy Thai Restaurant in Iowa City (oops, we went the wrong way on the highway, but yay! I love Iowa City and Thai food!) in the very comforting arms of Shelly who let a very tired mommy and daddy rest and eat while she comforted a very grumpy baby. Note the different outfit... BLOW OUT! You can't see it very well, but she's putting on a lovely pink sweater we received in the mail this week!

The speech giving last night was exhausting. Afterwards we relaxed in the home of our wonderful hosts and with dear Shelly. Our hosts, btw, are enamored with Caroline, even though they've seen and heard her at her angriest. They are skilled grandparents and they've done their fair share of walking with her and comforting her and entertaining her. We'll have to get shots of her with them before we go.

Caroline conked out after playing with daddy through the speech. We were all that tired! She is a good visual for the energy level at the end of the day. And frankly, so am I! Yesterday she wore a gorgeous outfit from G.A.S.. In these shots she's lacking the jacket, but... still... isn't it lovely? Thank you, Aunt Sherry!

Tonight we're going out to dinner with our hosts Cal and Joy, Shelly and her husband Blake. They've hired a babysitter and Shelly is thrilled to be having an adult (plus baby) evening out!

And tomorrow more relaxing for us, I guess. I should study, but... I think we need to rest up for the trip home.

I'll be serving as liturgist and singing in the first service at Shelly's church Sunday and then we'll head to the airport and will take two flights home. May they go as smoothly!

I'm sure we'll have more pics from the weekend to share! And I'm working on prepping some videos from the past few weeks too! I know I keep promising...


LittleMary said...

i love these weekly updates, they are so fun to see! glad the trip wasn't too traumatic and hope it is good going home too. i have a date tomorrow!:)

Deb said...

You all look WONDERFUL. Such a very loving and happy family you are.

Sarah, your face is radiant! Looks like you've lost all your pregnancy weight as well.

Aunt Debbie