Friday, November 13, 2009

49 weeks!

Highlights from the week now ending...

  • Last Sunday we had dinner with some friends from school who have a baby who is almost exactly a month and a half younger than Caroline. This family joined us for Caroline's 100th day party and I think they've been intending to have us over ever since. It was sweet to see Caroline and Jo An playing together, though Caroline was, for quite awhile, more interested in Jo An's fabulous toys than in Jo An. Periodically I get concerned that we don't have enough educational toys for Caroline or that we're not being intentional enough about teaching her. It was a wonderful evening with these friends, but they have educational posters hung all over their walls and special foam covering over their already carpeted floors to cushion her falls (we have nothing like this and we have hardwood in a big portion of our house) and Young, Jo An's mom was saying she makes sure to take Jo An to her friend's house for time with another child every day... and I started feeling a bit inadequate. We are SO laid back (for the most part). We let her explore. We let her fall. We comfort her when she does. We have done some safety proofing, but there's so much more we could/should do. And we just figure that if we keep reading to her and talking with her and playing with her... she'll learn. We do some "teaching", but not a lot. Or rather, maybe we do a lot, but most of it unconscious or unplanned. We're not overly permissive, and we are setting limits, but we are laid back. And most of the time I feel good about this. But sometimes... I worry a bit. In any case, eventually I'll get adorable pictures posted of Caroline and Jo An playing. I know I would like to be sure she gets more play time with other babies on a more regular basis. We're going to have to work on that.

  • Caroline has taking to shaking her head back and forth vigorously. Sometimes she waves her hands madly as she does so. No idea where she got this or what it might mean, but she sure has fun doing it.

  • Caroline has now taken 2 steps before sitting back down. 1 step at a time. 1 step at a time.

  • I was listening to "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" on Wednesday night while I fed Caroline dinner while Kev was at drum practice and every time there was applause she clapped along. And when there was music she'd clap with the beat. If it faded from music to applause she'd clap with the beat and then clap faster. She's definitely clapping more intentionally now.

  • Last night was actually quite a decent night of sleep. Thanks be to God.

  • Caroline is speedy! I mean, really fast. When she decides she wants to go somewhere... she gets there, handily, speedily, impressively. And her knees still never touch down.

  • Kev bought Caroline a new Fisher Price toy phone yesterday and Caroline has already made much use of it. She is delighted with it.

  • Oh, and well, she's just generally amazing.

Pics later...


daisy said...

oh she gets much interaction from you! You both talk with her constantly. Much learning happens without "educational " toys. She has a good assortment and more will come this next month! Be careful in making comparisons. Fkexible yet boundaries are crucial. Keep reading and singing! Love Mamie

Debra said...

Play is the work of children and anything becomes a toy. Beware of toys "marketed" for education as babies learn best from the types of "laid back" interactions you are giving C. There is NO research that supports increased intelligence from "Baby Einstein" (for example) and, in fact, that company is having to change its marketing to reflect that. Also, you naturally are "tuned in" to what Caroline needs. She doesn't NEED a constantly high-intensity teaching approach as she wouldn't tolerate it. It would "over-wire" her. So, trust yourselves - every interaction that you have with Caroline is giving her exactly what SHE needs as a 49 week old baby!

Sarah S-D said...

thanks mom and debbie. that was my gut thought, but... it is hard not to compare. Jo an is a very different, very passive (rarely cries- imagine!) baby. I think active teaching might work better with her. in any case, so long as our flexible yet boundaried, laid back approach isn't hurting caroline (though she does get lots of bumps and bruises...) i think we're o.k.

Heidi said...

yeah, don't worry about educational stuff. I second your mom and debbie. you're reading to her, interacting with her, and loving on her. you're golden! pushing babies to learn reminds me of parents who later push them in high school to get into the "best" colleges and fuss fuss fuss. you and kevin are awesome parents. don't worry!