Friday, November 20, 2009

50 weeks!!!!!

Oh my goodness! 50 weeks! There will be lots of memories these next two weeks... A year ago, two days from now, Aunt Katherine arrived which meant Caroline could then come at any time as far as I was concerned, because that same day I finished my papers! Of course I hoped we'd get a nursery ready, and the house cleaned, etc. Some of that got accomplished. Good friends Rebecca, Josh, and Owen came a few days before Thanksgiving and helped tons! I have memories of food, and smells, and moments... 50 weeks. My goodness.

Anyhow... updates...

  • Caroline had her first bits of cookie this week. I made some molasses ginger snaps (adapted the recipe to be wheat free and used organic- less refined- sugar). And I let Caroline have a few bits. She LOVED them. At one point she was quite upset, got a bit of cookie and calmed RIGHT down. Uh oh. Let the sugar addiction begin. After birthday cake she'll be a goner!
  • I keep forgetting to put on here that Caroline has started passing off objects quite eagerly, or really, passing objects back and forth quite eagerly for awhile now. I know that babies do this and I wondered when she would start and she finally did a few weeks go.
  • She frequently makes vocalizes something that sounds like "What's this?" or "What's that?" Which we echo and answer.
  • She often makes a syllable starting with an "h" when greeting and starting with a "b" when waving goodbye.
  • She's up to four steps at a time now. She stands so confidently and steps so steadily. She just needs to decide she can walk.

We're gearing up for a trip to the mountains to spend a week with Pa and Abuelita and Aunt Janet and Uncle Doug and Cousin Elliott. I will be doing a lot of research while there (I hope!) Janet will likely be doing a lot of work too. Kev, Doug, Pa and Abuelita will be spending lots of quality time with Elliott and Caroline. It will be Caroline's longest car ride yet. And her first time meeting her cousin! We think she'll eat meat for the first time as well, on turkey day!

Surely there will be much more to report next week! Maybe pics later this weekend...

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Deb said...

Oh my goodness. What a year! How is Caroline doing on cutting those teeth? If she is taking 4 steps, I bet she will be at a full run by her birthday.

Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.