Sunday, November 1, 2009

pics from the 47th week plus a few more from halloween!

So, last Sunday afternoon we went to the zoo. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, but we got there just before closing. So we went to the petting zoo which is one thing we know Caroline loves and zipped by a few other areas as well.

Because it was such a nice day Kev took us to a place he discovered with Caroline awhile ago- a nice greenway with a bridge to walk across. Caroline was a bit cranky for the walk, but she had some good moments, especially when daddy took her out of the stroller and carried her. What a nice daddy.

Here's the best shot we were able to get of her rapture with the chandelier/patterns on the ceiling. It doesn't really capture it though!

Some more shots in (and with!) the little chair in which her daddy once sat.

And in a pinafore her mommy once wore (I think... my name is stitched in it... if that means anything) and these tights were a hand-me-down from Abby or Anna, not sure, but they say "ADORABLE" across the butt... hilarious. Didn't get a good butt shot though.

Bath time fun! The hair!

I'm not sure if you can see it given that her eyebrows are blonde, blonde, blonde, but here she is raising her eyebrows, a face we saw frequently this week.

But really, she is quite a character, she made LOTS of faces during that meal. Here are a few more. This was the food that she was alternately accepting and rejecting all week long.

And dressing a monkey! And she sure does squirm like a monkey.

First the pants...

And then the jacket, ears, tail... the costume really!


Sherry Mc said...

Oh, I remember you in the red jumper. It's fun to see aq familiar outfit pop up on Caroline. Will be sending more soon along with some toys. Love the Indiana Jones look on Daddy! Hugs! GAS

Katherine said...

i think mom had an apron made out of that same material, or something very similar anyway. she is so expressive and beautiful. i can't wait to see her again. think i'll try to come for a long weekend after my CPM exam in february...

daisy said...

actually that was Jenny's jumper first! Yes I had an apron similar calico, but not. Mamie

Sarah S-D said...

So excited for you to come, Katherine! Hope the paperwork is going well.