Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Pretty Dress, Playtime, and Cooking With Daddy- Pics from the 49th week

Mommy took off her pretty red suit just as soon as she got home from preaching last Sunday, but Caroline kept this dress daddy found in the closet on for most of the day. So pretty. One of the grandmothers from congregation number 1 saw us before church and said "Please tell me mommy doesn't have time for smocking!" To which I rapidly replied "No! Neither time nor ability!" Thank you to whomever sent along the lovely smocking.

Caroline was very interested in the toys. Jo An was very interested in Caroline. They spent a lot of time side by side at the toy bin.

Caroline did pay some attention to Jo An, especially when she had a particularly interesting toy in hand.

Even if that toy was just an old orange juice container.

And just a few more. Gorgeous girls...

And, I guess it was a busy week because we took all those pics Sunday... and just a few more yesterday... Caroline was on Kev's hip as he was doing some cooking and the light was so lovely I tried to capture a few. I didn't quite get it, but... nonetheless... you get the idea.

And last night... no pics, but we SO wish we had brought the camera. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and Caroline was drinking out of straw like a champ (I just taught her that yesterday morning! It took her a total of a minute to learn.) And then keeping a straw in her mouth like a cigar. Too cute. And then, shortly before we left, an adorable almost four year little girl named Ava came over to see the baby. Ava has Down's Syndrome and thus less inhibitions than some kids. And she just stood there and interacted with Caroline for almost 10 minutes. And Caroline LOVED her. She was waving and reaching out... so excited. And of course we didn't bring the camera.

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