Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm finding it trippy to think back. All year we've been celebrating Caroline's birth every Friday as she entered the world at long last in the wee hours of Friday, December 5th. But, of course, we're one day later this year. But I have distinct Sunday before she was born memories, Monday before she was born, etc. etc.

So today I'm remembering that first Sunday in Advent a year ago... when my belly dropped and Caroline's head engaged, when Jonathan and Tish joined us for an Advent Supper of Turkey Pot Pie and Tish placed a perfect alto line in "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" which convinced me she needed to be at the birth.

My thoughts at the beginning of that Sunday are recorded here.

In my mind Caroline's birth story most officially started a year ago today, first Sunday of Advent 2008.

I remember. I am grateful.

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Mieke said...

how beautiful this is.