Saturday, April 12, 2008

It Doesn't Add Up

So I could not, for the life of me, remember the start date of my last cycle- a rather important tidbit when trying to determine when conception might have occurred. I was so. not. paying. attention. anymore. I did know that I always tell my acupuncturist when I start a new cycle so she would have it on my chart. I started trying to get in touch with her on Tuesday, but no luck. She was home, very sick. And apparently not picking up messages early in the week and then when she was she still didn't have access to her charts. So I went to my first ultrasound without that little tidbit. It was too early to get an accurate date from the ultrasound. Apparently the ultrasound starts dating at 5 weeks so he was guessing I was right around 5 weeks along which would put conception around March 6th.

My family practice doctor, interpreting the blood test results and the symptoms was guessing six weeks. Apparently the level of hormones in my system indicated I was somewhere between one and three months along. O.K. so five weeks works too.

So I was figuring my cycle started in late February.

Then when I went to my reiki appointment on Friday my acupuncturist had left me a note indicate my last cycle started on March 8th and I had spotting for three days on or about the 21st. Hunh? My reiki practitioner confirmed this because I saw her a few days before the cycle start and was in the midst of a very bad three day headache that I couldn't understand at the time. But when my period started a few days later I e-mailed her to tell her that I understood the headache now. This was a classic p.m.s. symptom for me. It had been quite some time since that had been a harbinger of a coming cycle so I missed the clue.

So... either I had a period after we conceived.

Or... I'm less than five weeks along and just have very high hormone levels.

Or... no clue.

I'm looking forward to our first pregnancy appointment next Friday when I can present a midwife with all this jumbled data, when we'll have another ultrasound which will hopefully produce a date, when... some sense can be made of this.

So very strange.

I'm just so glad that it happened, whenever it did.


KnittinPreacher said...

is spotting in early pregnancy a possibility?

daisy said...

spoting early in pregnancy certainly happens. Re: the nausea, I only through up one time each with you and your sister, both around a soft boiled egg. But lots of nausea and it is a good thing. I believe the old wives tale and a lot of hair relates to heartburn, not nausea, at least in this state. What about breast tenderness? Daisy

Desert Mama said...

spotting at that point could have been implantation spotting - usually occurs about a week prior to when your period would be expected. And I wouldn't be surprised to find that the headache was related - implantation is when your body first recognizes the pregnancy and your hormones start to shift, so if you'd had pms headaches, a headache at implantation similar to the pms ones would make sense.
Also - I found that my nausea was directly related to my blood sugar levels - if I skipped meals or even went too long between meals I would get nauseous. Keeping snacks handy day and night was key - hope you figure out what will work well for you soon! And I have also heard that ginger in any form can work miracles for many.

esperanza said...

Hmm. I had lots of spotting, some at implantation time and some later on, off and on, for most of the first couple of months. Maybe you shouldn't be reassured by that, though!

I am of absolutely no help on the nausea, never found anything that really helped. But I liked to eat ice.

Anxious to know what the new ultrasound says. And so, so, so very happy about the wee little heartbeat.

Sarah S-D said...

yes, the spotting around the 21st could certainly have been post pregnancy spotting. though if march 8 really was a period start date then maybe it was implantation spotting. but if it was implantation spotting then i am MUCH earlier in this pregnancy- well... maybe not MUCH, maybe just a week earlier

i hope the midwife/doctor can make some sense of it all.

mom, the breast tenderness comes and goes though I felt it acutely during the passing of the peace today. hugging hurts.

so if i have heartburn that means a lot of hair according to cny old wives?

desert mama- so are you thinking that the period on the 8th wasn't a period, but was implantation bleeding- that would have been awfully late- but i suppose delayed ovulation is a possibility. And then the later spotting was early pregnancy spotting? if yes, then i'm further along.

yeah- nausea and blood sugar definitely linked. just ate a sweet potato. not nauseous at the moment. do have a headache though and the preferred meds are all off limits.

all the spotting must have been stressful for you esperanza. i'm anxious for the next ultrasound too. i'm finding myself telling other individuals in the community who have prayed for us over the years because i'm feeling such a need for prayer right now. it is a long time before this trimester is up...

Sarah S-D said...
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