Friday, April 11, 2008

Lessons Learned- Number One

Never skip a meal during pregnancy.

Neither Kev nor I were all that hungry upon returning from Syracuse last night. So... we skipped dinner. I ate Pirate's Booty on the drive home and I think that's why I wasn't hungry then.

But when I was awakened at 3:50 this morning with pretty intense nausea I learned my lesson. Still not morning sickness, per se, but... I did not skip dinner tonight. (And yes, now there are crackers by the bed. Ginger snaps sound glorious, but as I'm avoiding sugar... probably not an option.)

I wrote my sermon by 8 a.m. though. That was nice. Think this pregnancy will turn me into a morning person???


Lorraine said...

Hi there. =))

Now, first of all -- I would consider "pretty intense nausea" to be real morning sickness! ick... You don't have to actually throw up to be miserable. -- And, are you avoiding sugar for another medical/diet reason or just because you're pregnant? Because if it's the latter you might decide that the benefits of the ginger outweigh the sugar, for the time that you're sick. -- But another option is ginger tea -- even if you don't actually drink it, just holding that hot cup and breathing in the wonderful smell can do wonders. ahh.... Then there is crystallized ginger (does have sugar), and ginger Altoids, and ginger gum, and ginger hard candies, and of course ginger ale... um....can you tell that I love ginger? lol...

Or -- how about cinnamon? Cinnamon tea, cinnamon candy (many varieties, including sugar-free), cinnamon gum (sugarless also), cinnamon ice cream, cinnamon creamer for coffee ({gag} on the coffee while pregnant, at least for me) -- okay, okay, I'll stop.

Ginger and cinnamon got me through those first weeks of morning sickness (which was actually in the evening for me).

Hope you're getting some good sleep.

more cows than people said...

hi! thanks for the comment lorraine.

i gave up refined sugar and corn syrup on january 2nd of this year because i believe myself to have an addictive relationship to both. save for trace amounts in some founds i have been faithful to this ban. and honestly- i think it has something to do with why we finally conceived. so, i'll have to go for ginger tea, or my reiki practitioner's tip- hot ginger ale- so long as sugar substitutes are safe during pregnancy. off to check on that.

does cinnamon really help? i'll give it a try if so.

my sleep was weird last night. pretty shallow- strong nausea in the middle of the night. grrr... i have a LONG day today and needed a good night's sleep.

great to have your input, lorraine. thanks for validating this as morning sickness. it is strange, but the nausea actually makes me kind of happy.

Lorraine said...

Not so strange actually. Lots of nausea means some good pregnancy hormones, or so I'm told. =)

Cinnamon worked for me. It's worth a try. I know a woman who ate grapes first thing every morning when she was pregnant. yuck! (personally, I love grapes -- but you'd better believe I wasn't eating them when I was sick while pregnant!) -- so, whatever works for you.

And I love the idea of hot ginger ale! I've never thought of that before, and can't wait to try it. mmmmmmmmmmm.... I can smell it now. -- so, maybe instead of working on my essay about the atonement for my exam on Monday (eek!) I'll head off to 7-11 for some ginger ale. =)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps not your first old wives' tale... but it's the first one from me... lots of nausea means that your baby will have lots of hair on its head. With first baby... not a lot of nausea (just to chicken)... not a lot of hair. Second baby... Lord help me... I was sick feeling for months... and she had a head full of hair.

Dang... I still smile everytime I think of you and the peanut.

Sarah S-D said...

hope it is lots of red hair, pk. : )