Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who knew?

I was really looking forward to my acupuncture appointment today. I've had a headache and increasing muscle tension the past few days and can't take any meds nor a REALLY hot bath to relieve them. Further, I had nutritional questions for her. But she called this morning to confirm that I am indeed pregnant and then told me it is her practice NOT to do treatments on pregnant women, especially in the first trimester, unless there is intense nausea that needs treating. She would be willing to do calming points, a treatment for relaxation only, but... the treatment I was longing for... not an option. She said that it is highly unlikely there would be any problem, but should anything go wrong with this pregnancy, and she certainly hopes it doesn't, she won't let it be because of acupuncture. Sigh.

I was actually hoping to tack a short massage onto my treatment if the massage therapist was available so I thought I'd substitute one for the other. I called the massage therapist and she thought that she might be able to work with me this afternoon. She made a call and then called me back to confirm that yes she could. But she cautioned that she would not massage my lower legs or feet as there is some risk, particularly in the first trimester to vigorous rubbing, particularly around the ankles. Huh. Who knew? The hour massage really was quite glorious, even if she did skip my lower extremities.

My chiropractor treats four people in one open room simultaneously. Well, kind of. We all lay on tables at the same time and he attends to each of us one at a time. This makes confidential conversations challenging, but I wanted to let him know I'm pregnant in case that would alter the adjustment. I wanted to let the woman who was standing in for him last week know, but she was too distracted and never bothered to say hello before adjusting me so, didn't get around to it. He did feel strongly that we need to monitor the adjustments from here on out. I'm glad I told him. Hope no damage was done last week.

I am supposed to get my hair done Saturday morning. Likely this would have involved color, but... not in the first trimester. My hair stylist knows how long we've been trying and she doesn't want to take any chances. So I suggested just getting my nails done instead. She said "sure!" But the pregnancy guide Kelly gave me says it is a bad idea to do nails during pregnancy either. I think I'll have her trim my bangs and shape my nails.

I knew that I'd be giving up caffeine and meds, but... there is so. much. more. to attend to.

I cannot wait until our appointment tomorrow morning. I'm still having a hard time believing there really is a baby in there. In just over 12 hours... I should have confirmation once more.


Wyldth1ng said...

Could always wrap a hot towel around your head.

April said...

The massage thing -- it was after a pedicure and leg massage when I was pregnant with Annalivia that, at 14 1/2 weeks, I started bleeding. It was a placental hemmorhage -- just a tiny spot that began to tear -- and after three weeks of bed rest, I was ok for the rest of the pregnancy, and more importantly, so was she. The only reason the doctor could come up with was the massage thing. I started bleeding about an hour afterwards. Crazy. I'd never heard of it before, but thank God your massage therapist has.

The don'ts can be overwhelming. And everyone, like me, helpfully, has a horror story. :)