Friday, March 13, 2009

14 weeks! (edited now with growth update)

We had some absolutely beautiful weather at the beginning of Caroline's 14th week. Her daddy is so grateful that the weather turned back to wintry by the end of her 14th week. Yesterday, on his birthday, it snowed, great big snowflakes here in Nasvhille! Right around noon on dear Kev's 36th day! And he rejoiced! Surely God loves him, he declared, surely if there was genuine SNOW here on his special day. But last weekend, and early this week... 70 and pushing towards 80 degree days. It was nice enough that we rented a tiller and Kev tilled our first ever garden plot. We hope to become decent gardeners and that tending a garden and enjoying the produce thereof will be a part of our dear one's growing years.

(I published this post already forgetting that included in this week were two more immunizations. She did well once again, but was not pleased. And seemed more out of sorts afterwards than before, slightly elevated temp. Poor thing. We did get her weighed, though not measured, and her weight.... 12.3 pounds. She is sticking right to the expected weight for clothing size for her age. She is smack in the 50th percentile on weight. She seems so small to me. But she's gaining, slowly, but steadily. Kev tried to figure out her length and she appears to be about 24 inches now. We'll be back to the doctor in a month for an overall check up and we'll get an accurate growth update... and more shots!)

The weather being glorious we enjoyed putting Caroline in two spring dresses (or at least I did, Kev is less into the clothing part of babyhood), one of which came in the mail just last week. We only took pictures this week on Saturday and Sunday, when she was decked out in this sweet gear. As you'll see from these pics (below), Caroline spent a lot more time in her bumbo last week. She is racing towards her hundredth day (this coming Sunday, on the 15th, in her 15th week), and two years ago we were visiting our first (and only) nephew in the days leading up to and on his 100th day, and it was then that we were introduced to the bumbo, a great seat in which even young babies can sit! She often sits in her bumbo on the table while we eat our meals. We now make a circle when we hold hands for prayer. Oh, how gratifying!

Her smiles come fast and furious now and are SO rewarding. Yes, she is still an intense crier. Yes, sleep has been all out of whack and we are all exhausted. But... she is smiling more and more and more... and it is SO worth it. Totally.

Yesterday, for Kev's birthday, I purchased two children's books from a wonderful new independent children's bookstore in our part of the city (this place is AMAZING! it was my first visit; it will not be my last!) and made up a card with one of those gorgeous pictures of Caroline from O'Hare. I wrote the card from Caroline's perspective and gave the books as a gift from her to him, as he reads to her just about every night. But I guess Caroline had a mind to give a gift of her own accord. We went out for a birthday lunch and she was IMMENSELY cooperative. She sat in her car seat and surveyed the room quite contentedly for most of the meal, sat happily with daddy for a bit, then ate peacefully. We rarely get through a whole meal together without one of us having to get up and walk with her or change her or something. But yesterday, she gave the gift of that meal.

For her hundredth day on Sunday our midwife and midwife apprentice will join us for dinner. A family from school who gave birth to their first baby seven weeks after Caroline was born may also join us. Aunt Katherine will hopefully Skype in.

100 days ago I was in labor. Wow.

Without further ado... pics of the dear...

For these last two we're standing in our yard where the garden will go!


Sherry Mc said...

Awesome photos. I love having new babies to include with family photos. She sure looks bigger than 12 lbs. So many milestones already for such a little one. Awesome to think of the ones ahead of her. You all look more relaxed. Love, GAS

Abby's Mom said...

She is growing so quickly@ I love all of the pictures but especially the last two :)

Happy Birthday Kevin!!
Love, Jenny and Abby

Kathryn said...

every now & then your photos make me & Kevin both look so blissfully happy with the beautiful Miss C, this was one of the times :-)

LittleMary said...

so beautiful indeed. and for what it's worth she looks so BIG to me, her little muscles holding her up and developing and all. makes me so happy to see these pictures.

Just me said...

Hello Sarah my name is Ali I write Vitality Leaps. Thank you for your comment. I am so happy for you that you have such a healthy happy little girl. My baby - Poppy Grace is now 34 months!!??!!
God bless