Sunday, March 1, 2009

just cause i can't wait to share these

We took lots more pictures over the past few days. I need to sift through them and figure out which ones to share. But these two... I can't wait! They were taken at the Chicago airport on our way home. The light was gorgeous and she was in a great mood. Breathtaking...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Absolutely gogeous!

Heidi said...

Beautiful girl!!! She really looks like you in those shots, too... :) Hey, Adam is going to be in your town this coming weekend for a conference (wish I could come, too). Maybe he can meet up with you guys - will talk more by email.

esperanza said...

She's stunning! The eyes are gorgeous. Thanks for all the new pictures, and congratulations on surviving the first big trip!

LittleMary said...

these are GORGEOUS!

Wendy said...

Dear Cousin-
Those shots are STUNNING!!
Not sure if I should reply to your comment on my blog or yours. :) I'll figure all of this out eventually-seems easier than Facebook-I am completely lost there! Someone sent me an Easter egg-huh?

Finally getting a chance to catch up on your blog. Let's see-so much to say...Loved your Ash Wednesday post-how beautiful.
Oh-and neat to hear about baby C's first airplane excursion-Gracie's will be at the end of the month on a direct flight to Orlando to visit Nana and Gaga-sure hope she nurses for take-off and landing or it could be a long flight!

I hear you about the "poop" thing-it still amazes me how one less poopy diaper can REALLY throw your day off! We do lots of "knee smushies" (knees-to-chest) and "tummy-clock" massage to work things out. Today was a rough one. Sounds like C's not having too much trouble in that area lately, though!
We love, love, love our Baby Bjorn, too! I was never coordinated enough to get a sling to work and have tried other carriers, but the BB is our favorite...Love the shot of loaded-down Kevin in the airport-you go Dad!

Also, wondering if you're in need of any clothes. People have been so very generous with both gifts and hand-me-downs and we have lots of warmer weather stuff, so much that Gracie can't possibly wear it all! Just let me know if there is a certain size (and heck, even color!) that you prefer and/or need and we will get them down to you!
Off to bed, hopefully before Gracie wakes! Love to all of you, W