Friday, March 6, 2009

Surprise Road Trip! Caroline meets the Godparents!

We received a text from Caroline's Godparents, Katie and Haddon, when we were in Iowa and we had a good four way conversation Saturday evening about their upcoming birth (in April! their first!) And we ended up deciding to get together, half way between their home in Atlanta and our home in Nashville in lovely Chattanooga. So this Wednesday we took a road trip, had a delicious lunch, and Caroline met her Godparents for the first time, and her God-sibling to be. What a gift! We'll be meeting in Chattanooga again!

Caroline with her Godmother and Godsibling-to-be! And with mommy! She flashed LOTS of smiles at Godmother Katie! They had a bond! And Katie was very impressed with her long delicate fingers!

Caroline with her Godfather, Haddon! She likes elevation and he is MUCH taller than either mommy or daddy! She liked being in his arms!

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LittleMary said...

i am so glad they met!