Friday, March 27, 2009

pics from the 16th week

Lots of love from Abuelita.

Enjoying the nursery rhymes Abuelita brought. (Please forgive my cleavage. I was overheating and thus dressing as sparsely as possible.)

Riding on daddy on a beautiful spring day.

Just Caroline!

oh, you can see in this last one that caroline has taken to beating herself up at night... a new scab every morning it seems. sigh.


Shalom said...

oh my goodness, I love the reading photos. That kid can CONCENTRATE. Future scholar, I think.

ymp said...

I love the intensity in her eyes in so many of the photos. She's just waiting to figure out how to do MORE.

Heidi said...

these are great. I love the pic of Kevin with Abuelita just behind him! And little Caroline is a thinker and a cutie! Good luck with all the sleeping struggles... that sounds sooo hard. Even harder than bring parents of adolescents, it seems to me! Maybe it's preparation? :)

Abby's Mom said...

She is cute. I love how intently she is studying the books :)