Thursday, March 5, 2009

3 months!

3 months ago today I was more tired and more grateful than I've ever been. I spent most of that day (and the next two weeks) in the bed in which Caroline was born. Isn't that remarkable? I am so grateful we had a homebirth! Will we ever feel able to get rid of this bed???

Here are two shots of Caroline today, on that very bed. In the first, you see how focused she is on her hands these days. She is sucking them more and more. We are eager for that day when she realizes they are always available to her as comfort. She's not been sleeping all that much these past few days. But just when I was beginning to despair her lack of sleep she took a LONG nap this afternoon and she is now soundly sleeping. May it be a better night.

And here is one shot of Caroline on the blanket her Mamie made her.

Three whole months. And still more grateful than I've ever been. Not quite as tired, but... tired nonetheless.

Stay tuned... big week behind us. More pics tomorrow!


Magdalene6127 said...

It all rushes by so quickly, doesn't it? Your girl is so very beautiful. Blessings and joy to you three!

Rev SS said...

Just caught up on all your trip notes and pics ... Caroline gets more beautiful every day!

LittleMary said...

i love that blanket. i realize how much work it is, but i love it.

Shalom said...

Oh, my goodness. Just. Too. Cute. My niece is just discovering her hands as well; it's like they're new every time she sees them. ("Oh! Look at that! Where did these come from?") She's definitely using them more now than a month ago for her own comfort needs - hopefully Caroline will discover the same this month. And hope you get more sleep, friend.