Friday, April 3, 2009

17 weeks!

Caroline is nearly recovered from her first cold. She still has a lingering cough that is disruptive of her sleep... and ours. But she is smiling more and is much less stuffy. I must say that the process of clearing snot out of a baby's nose is a sisyphusian task... she hates the aspirator so much that she starts crying madly... immediately thereby replacing the snot that was just removed. I was no good at this task so Kev had the joy mostly. Which meant... it seemed... that she was not fond of daddy for a few days, and was very clingy to mommy. But that seems to have faded now that she's feeling better.

Yesterday Kev was out for the morning so it was just the two of us. She was pretty chill, quite content. So I got out her play mat and laid it down on the floor of the nursery and put her on it. My German study stuff was all in the room so I thought I'd rock in the glider and study German, but she was pretty quickly fussy. So I set up on the floor next to her... and when I was looking at her she was cooing and smiling. When I'd look away to look up a word in the dictionary, she'd immediately start to fuss. When I'd look back, she'd smile. Yup. She's in charge.

But I did manage to get most of the chapter done before Kev got home...

Oh... and you know you're tired when... Kev and I scheduled appointments for the same time today- me with the hairstylist and him with the accountant. We decided that I would take the car and take Caroline with me and that he would take the bus. He slept right through his stop.. in fact slept until the bus turned around from its suburban destination and ended up back downtown. Ah well... he needed the sleep. And thank goodness it was him safe on the bus and not me behind the wheel with a babe in the backseat... a babe who was remarkably chill through my hair appointment, btw. She really can put on the charm!

We took lots of pics this week. She's just so cute.

Here she is today, all 17 weeks of her.

And from earlier this week...

Pretty in blue... (thanks cousin wendy and gracie!)

Lots of time with daddy! She wasn't always mad at him!

Fun on Auntie Mieke's blanket


Mama V said...

So glad she's feeling better! I love that striped hat she's wearing in one of the Bjorn pictures.

We love the Nose Frida (there are electronic versions of it in drug stores)! Much faster than the bulb aspirator - and much more effective!

Happy 17 weeks!

Heidi said...

Cutie! I'm glad you guys are all feeling better. It's fun to see some more shots of your house in the background. I love the wood beams. :) Hopefully we'll come see you and the beams in person soon...

LittleMary said...

gosh she really is super beautiful! glad she is feeling better.