Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Second Day Solo

Maybe my goals are too modest... but I'm accomplishing them... just.

Baby cared for.

Tertullian's treatise "On Repentance" read and notes taken.

4 sentences of German translated (the goal was 3... when I got into it I wished for three more... close enough.)

One load of laundry folded, another one in the dryer.

Some cleaning done.

I was looking forward to another day of just the two of us to further work at getting into a rhythm. But... life happens. The car needs to be repaired (leak in the fuel line- not a good thing especially given the cost of gas these days!) and it needs to be taken to the mechanic at 11:30. And I just got an e-mail from the head of my department indicating that I am to be on campus for a meeting with all my area faculty at 2:15. (And, no, this isn't an appointment I agreed to before.) So, looks like Caroline is having a sit down with faculty tomorrow. And may be taking her first bus ride ex utero. Kev will be taking the bus to work to leave the car to be repaired which means he'll be leaving an hour earlier- 6 or before! So... we'll be going to be soon. Tomorrow could be an altogether different sort of exhausting.

But this is good. Because this is life. Not every day can be a home day. I actually have school obligations the next three. So... let the juggling adjust.

And I just hope Caroline is in a great mood at 2:15 tomorrow.

Thanks for your words of encouragement and the perspective offered by those of you who have been there. You're right, Desert Mama. This stuff is physically exhausting. And yes, the school work is a good mental balance. I am sore in a way that I usually only get from serious exercise. Wow.


Silent said...

I wish you a good solo day! They are very hard sometimes. There are days I call Baby Girl 'Velcro Girl' because she needs to be attached all day (either to the boob or just being held). As I type, Baby Girl is sleeping and I should be working as it is my 'work at home day.' Mothering is exhausting, but I'm learning that what NEEDS to get done, does. Babies get loved. The other stuff--well, eventually it comes together. (Says the mother with the 10 month old whose house has not been in the state of clean or organization she would like for the last year!)

Sarah S-D said...

thanks, silent. it is a bit of a velcro day today. she's nursing/sleeping on me at the moment. no studying accomplished yet. need to leave on less than an hour. when she was content to play on her own it was EARLY and i was too tired to study then.

Rev SS said...

Catching up ... and smiling. Glad to hear all is well.

jsd said...

I'd say you got quite a lot done! When the kiddos first arrived, and we all got past the initial adjustment; we got into this daily way of being, and when we get off track suddenly there's no dishes or clean laundry...but, you just have to smile, because usually what throws you off is time spent with your child doing something not on the to-do list.