Friday, April 24, 2009

20 weeks!

This week we made great use of the blanket Knittin Preacher made for Caroline. Every time Kev tucks her into her carseat with it, he says "I LOVE this blanket." And we do. It is just the right size and weight for the car seat. And not bad for playing on either. The colors are wonderful. KP said they were inspired by "Oh the places you'll go"... which just happens to be the theme of Caroline's nursery. Thank you, KP. Let us know if you want a better pic. We have a video we can send to you, but I didn't want to out your name in the blogosphere and I say it on the video.

This week was also all about the feet. Caroline discovered she can bring her feet to her mouth and that they make a great snack and toy! And as I mentioned yesterday, her new friend thought they were tasty too! I have tried all day to get a shot of her munching on her feet. But in true Caroline form, every time the camera comes out, she stops doing whatever it is we're trying to catch. These two were taken today and they're the best I could get. I'll keep trying.

Tish was over today. We were reflecting a bit on the birth. 20 weeks ago today. Wow. Just wow.

I'm not quite as tired today as I was 20 week ago, but... almost. (The second day after a no-sleep day is always harder than the day of for me. Now I remember. Whoa.)

Caroline had a better night last night, but not a great one. She is very sleep deprived. VERY. And... us too.

Road trip this weekend to see a play and some family and friends. And then some other friends are taking a road trip to see us! Woohoo!

And I think I've decided I can take my German exam when planned. If he's willing to move it to the second full week of May that will be much preferred, but I think I can swing it either way.


LittleMary said...

you rock. seriously.

Beach Walkin said...

German exam... baby at 20 weeks? Woman... you so have your stuff together!!!!!

Katherine said...

She is so beautiful. She really is.