Sunday, April 12, 2009


Caroline Grace, who has been rolling from stomach to back for 8 weeks now, successfully rolled from back to stomach two times on the Saturday before her first Easter. She found the results of this new skill far less pleasing than the reverse. "I'm on my stomach! I hate being on my stomach!"

And in the wee hours of her first Easter morn, when she was placed on the ground as her swaddling blanket was prepped for a reswaddle... she rolled from back to stomach to back!!! She then looked up at her adoring mother and grinned. "Ah... that was fun!"


Silent said...!! It's lovely that she wants to share her joy.

What surprise me was that she still lets you swaddle her. Mine barely handled being swaddled for a month. Starting the day we came home from the hospital, we couldn't tuck in her arms...if we did, she'd find a way to stick them out the neck hole of whatever she was wearing.

My girl also greeted me early on Easter morning (4:30--just in time to nurse before my leaving for the morning) and again when I was trying to give the announcements at the 6 a.m. service. It was like "Hey Mom, back here...come get me...come say hi...why do you keep talking and ignoring me?"

I'm anxious to get home and enjoy some of the day with her. Hope you don't mind the long comment!

Sarah S-D said...

of course, i don't mind the long comment, silent!

caroline often gets her arms out quickly these days, and sometimes we don't swaddle her arms at all, or we leave one out, but if she's having a hard time calming down, stilling at least her legs helps.

often when we go to her in the night or in the morning she is completely out of her swaddle. but it helps in the getting to sleep game. usually.

Mama V said...

Whoa - you've got an active one!

Mama V said...

And Happy Easter!

Magdalene6127 said...

What a girl!