Sunday, April 5, 2009

4 months!

I awoke on this the first day of Caroline's fifth month thinking "Wow. It is awfully light. And my body suggests that several hours have passed. It must be nearly 8 a.m.. I wonder why I haven't heard Caroline in a while." I checked and indeed, it was nearly 8 a.m.

After I had last finished feeding her at nearly 4 a.m. Kev took over and then he ended up falling asleep again in the living room. I came out and asked him where she was and he indicated that she was in her crib and had been since 5. "She isn't awake yet?" I asked. "No," he replied.

In disbelief I quietly opened the door of the nursery and peeked into her crib only to find her wide awake and quietly waiting.

She smiled hugely at me.



Abby's Mom said...

So cute! What size is she now? I am filling a box for you :)

Sarah S-D said...

She's right on target size-wise- 3-6 months. But we have a lot of clothes in her current size (and bigger too!) so don't worry too much about whether she can wear the stuff now. She definitely has outgrown 0-3 however so we don't need that size!

I remember you sorting clothes pre-Abby. I'm excited to go through the box!

jsd said...

The second picture is just so cute!

daisy said...

Oh, Caroline, Mamie can't wait until I get to be with you again, you are so cute in Mama's dress! Love, mamie

Mama V said...



And beautiful!

LittleMary said...

my god she is gorgeous.