Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a better day so far

I don't attribute it to the lack of wheat and oatmeal just yet, but I have managed to avoid both. Eggs for breakfast, tuna (without bread) for lunch. And I didn't have any wheat after midday yesterday either... so, it has been over 24 hours since there was any wheat in the system.

In any case... our girl has filled her diaper twice today, without pain or discomfort. The second time I didn't even know it happened. I was on the phone. She was playing on her mat. She was just starting to get a little fussy so I decided to pick her up and play with her, but before doing so decided to check the diaper... and my goodness.

Our day started quite early, but after a decent night. The going to bed was AWFUL (I blogged in the midst of that... when I was feeling desperate), but once she finally settled around 8, she slept till about midnight. She woke up twice between going back to bed at 1 and final start to the day just before 6, but the first time she put herself back to sleep before Kev even got to her, the second it took him, he estimates, 30 minutes to get her back to sleep. So, compared to the night before with every 1-2 hour wake ups, it was a good night. Not the best she's had... but decent.

I managed to pump a decent amount this morning so Kev will be better able to handle solo bedtime tonight. We ended up tag teaming it yesterday because she was so distressed. And... being wiped out... for some reason... I opted for lying down with Caroline at quarter of ten and there we stayed until quarter of 12. She nursed and slept on and off. I slept a bit too, I think. In any case, two hours passed with both of us lying down. That was nice.

She is asleep on my lap at the moment. I could go try to put her down, but I am opting for letting her sleep without disruption (she really needs it) and letting me get some work done. I gave myself a blog break after translating a paragraph. But, must get back to it. I can't believe how soon I'm supposed to take the exam. Depending how the rest of these week goes, I might be negotiating a later exam date. The prof administering the exam urged me to wait until fall. And I could, but... I REALLY want to accomplish one academic goal this semester. My guided reading is stretching into the summer. I'll be writing a paper for that over the summer. My exam reading has not progressed in a few months. I really want to make a dent in that this summer. I have enough on my plate this summer. And next fall... I don't even want to think about it. So, it would feel very good to get one thing DONE. (Can you tell I'm a "J" on the Meyers-Brigg? If you saw the chaos of our house, you wouldn't guess that, but my need to finish things... totally "J".) But I'm trying to be gentle with myself. I DON'T want to sit for an exam that I know I'm not ready for. And today, I'm not ready. Unless I'm MUCH closer to ready by Friday... I think I'll delay the exam... if I still can. The prof administering the exam seems really laid back... so I think I can.

In any case, when my girl has been awake today, so long as I've kept her entertained and comfortable (which requires frequent changing of activities, plenty of movement... so glad you're sending that jumper, Wendy!) she's been pretty content. Just a few brief crying jags which I've responded to with nursing and encouraging sleep.

Well... must get back to it. Thanks for your support all.


LittleMary said...

love ya! happy pooping!

Shalom said...

many prayers for all of you. My sister-in-law finally figured out that niece reacts horribly when she eats apples, of all things. And it has helped tremendously. But such exhaustion in the meantime...hope it improves soon. (((sweet caroline and her parents)))

Sarah S-D said...

well we had a great day, but bedtime is once again rough. she fell asleep quickly. woke up shortly thereafter. fell asleep awhile later, after nursing. woke up shortly thereafter and is now screaming with daddy.


Magdalene6127 said...

So good to hear of a better day.

Blessings, dear one.

Sherry Mc said...

The first time Jenny slept all night I had had two glasses of champagne (can't remember what we were celebrating). Can't recommend that for everynight, but it sure was nice for once. Now I'm getting my revenge now as she deals with Abby's sleeping issues. Love to all of you GAS

Wendy said...

Hi Sarah-
Sent that jumper out today and had intended on sending it priority mail, but as it turns out, that would have cost about $35 due to the size box that it required...so parcel post it was-with a promise of it making it within 1-2 weeks. (uggghh-thanks for narrowing it down, USPS!)
I did do delivery confirmation, which assigned it a tracking number so you can check the status on the USPS website. The number is 03083390000087934649. Hope it gets there soon...and hope the gluten-free diet is helping....

Sarah S-D said...

hooray! thanks wendy! you're the best. and i'm glad you didn't pay extra for the postage. we'll enjoy it when it gets here!

it was a decent day and a better bedtime, so maybe the diet is helping!