Thursday, April 23, 2009


better bedtime, maybe, but horrible sleep. she woke up just when we were ready for bed and didn't fall asleep until 4 hours later and then only slept for 2 more. i brought her into bed with us and she would sleep only if she had perpetual access to the breast. which meant i wasn't sleeping. kev got her back to sleep in her crib after showering and getting ready to leave for work. she woke up a few minutes later.

and OF COURSE this is the one day this week i have commitments outside the house.

on 3 hours of sleep.

lord, have mercy.

sorry to whine, loved ones. i'm truly grateful for my baby.

i just really need sleep.

thank goodness the previous few nights were better at least.

one step forward, two steps back.


Heidi said...

Sigh. Hang in there, my dear.

Silent said...

Are you able to lay down on your side with her next to you nursing? I haven't been able to manage that, but I know my babysitter says that she did it a lot with all of her 4 boys (3 of whom were bad sleepers). That or in a recliner, so you can at least doze while she's nursing. I have done that often.

Hoping you are able to get a nap with her today.

Sarah S-D said...

yes, silent, i am able to do that, and often she will fall asleep this way, but she will rarely stay asleep once the breast moves away. sometimes i can sleep while she nurses, but... not always.

we just sort of napped/nursed for the last hour.

ymp said...

3 hours of sleep--ow!
Hoping tonight, which must seem very far away, goes better.

Jon said...

That is not cool. I don't know why low-sleeping babies pick parents who rely count on a good night's sleep.

Magdalene6127 said...

Oh, dear. I'm so, so sorry. Love to you.