Saturday, November 29, 2008

5 days away (from the due date)

Though the baby could be a few weeks yet. I am not so uncomfortable that that thought scares me. Perhaps we could get a nursery together if we have a few weeks... But even if we don't we now have a co-sleeper ready by the bed (thanks mama v!), and appropriately sized diapers organized and hung in our bedroom, and clothes sorted by size into bins. And there is a sleep positioner ready to be picked up at the store at which we're registered which will make me feel better about having the baby in bed with us.

And today there was what sounds like it was a lovely shower in my hometown, in my parents' home, hosted by my mom (with help from friends). Towards the end of the shower a phone was passed around and I talked to just about everybody. My sister commented that it was like "This is your life" as we never knew who would pop up next and indeed there were folks there from all different parts of my life. A lovely book of blessings is heading my way as are many lovely gifts. I am so grateful that so many loved ones would assemble even in my absence. Thanks again, mom, for all your hard work on this.

Twas a VERY low key day today. Saw our guests off EARLY this morning. Then back to bed... slept in spurts... but slept in... spent much of the day lounging around. Think that's what I needed after so many days of doing so much. As tomorrow is sabbath I'll get another day of it tomorrow. I did sign-up for cable today... to ease the early months of breastfeeding. We haven't had cable since about a year into our marriage- 5 years! I'm a bit of an addict so it is like willfully bringing a drug into the house, but when our childbirth educator said, in one of our last classes, that in the first few weeks I'd be breastfeeding for up to 45 minutes every 2-3 hours... well... I turned to Kev and said "We're getting cable." And so we did. Even if the baby doesn't arrive on its due date, which will most likely be the case, the cable will arrive that day.

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Mama V said...

I'm with ya'. Cable saved me during those early days of nursing! I now associate The Ellen Degeneres Show with nursing my firstborn! ;) I made sure I was in front of the t.v. during that hour every day for a good laugh. I also devoured books/magazines and eventually became good at knitting during those marathon nursing sessions (talk about multitasking!).

So glad you're resting and feeling closer to ready.