Thursday, November 20, 2008

she'll be on her way this morning!

My sister checked in several times yesterday as she packed for her huge road trip to come to be with us for the birth. Should she bring a backpack or a suitcase? We settled on suitcase. Do we have a copy of Penny Simkin's The Birth Partner? Yes. Was I at a computer, could I look up what size wiper blade she needs to buy for her car? At that moment, no.

I welcomed the many calls in my frustrating day of paper writing and I welcome the news that early this morning, Thursday, November 20th, she's hitting the road.

I've taken a couple of HUGE road trips in my day, the hugest of which I did almost entirely solo. She has a driving buddy for at least part of her journey, which is good. But a big chunk of it she'll be on her own. And though three months of alone time on the road was a little crazy making for me (o.k., it was a lot crazy making for me), the first few weeks were pretty glorious. And so I hope she enjoys these three days. Admittedly, I'm a bit jealous. I'd like to be on the open road about now, seeing different landscapes, listening to audiobooks and good music.

Oh wait, I'm 38 weeks pregnant today. I get painfully sore after sitting for longer than an hour. Guess I'm where I need to be right now.

In any case, I am SO grateful she's coming and SO excited she'll be here so soon.

She's planning to put in three at least 10 hour days of driving. I would guess that at least two of these she'll be on her own. I don't believe I've ever subjected myself to that much constant driving (I really paced myself on my gigundo road trips). So, friends, if you could please pray for her over these next few days I'd be much appreciative. I want her to arrive safe and sound! And I know she does too!

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Heidi said...

I'll be thinking about both of you... what a happy and exciting time. Prayers go up.