Tuesday, November 11, 2008

one month to go check-up/consultation

Both of our midwives and their apprentice were supposed to come over on Sunday afternoon for their one-month to go check-up/consultation home visit. Only our primary midwife made it, but that was fine. The head of the practice is due a week after me and likely won't be at our birth anyhow. I would like to see the apprentice at least once before the birth as we've only met once, at our first appointment. I need to let the midwives know that.

All was fine at the appointment. We have all our supplies in order (though we learned of a few more that our needed for the pool for the water birth). We did a test for strep B- apparently something a lot of women carry vaginally or rectally that can make a baby very sick. I REALLY hope the test is negative. Standard practice if it is positive is I.V. antibiotics during the birth. I am not interested in that- at all. My sister says that if it is positive she knows of natural things we can do to turn it around and that I should be able to feel very comfortable rejecting the antibiotics. My midwife is fine with me rejecting them; she just wants me to make an informed decision (at least the head of the practice feels this way and her partner seems even more laid back than she is).

My weight was up to 220. Wow. Highest I've EVER been... and I suspect that will keep going up. But my midwife thinks I'm still healthy and all is fine.

My fundus was measuring exactly 36- dead on for the 36th week.

My blood pressure was right around what it usually is. Healthy.

The baby's heart beat was hard to find at first, likely because of the way the baby is lying (still apparently head down and facing my back, very good baby... stay just like that!) but sliding around all the way to the side of my belly we could hear a nice loud heart beat. She never did say at what rate- or if she did, I don't recall.

I haven't dropped. The baby is still pretty high. This is FINE with me. I'm chipping away at my final paper preparation. I am very motivated to get done by the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but I've miles to go before I sleep on that front (not literally, friends... just took a nap this afternoon... sleeping through the night for the most part). I'll be please if there are no "labor is coming" signs (all of which we discussed at the appt Sunday) until the last paper is printed. I'd be very please if the baby would hang on until December. Yup. That would be fine with me.

Maybe I'll feel differently come December, but right now, the due date or later is FINE with me.

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