Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BIG day

I've been chatting with friends as they wait in long lines to vote today or texting with friends who are so excited they could "pee their pants". I voted weeks ago thanks to the early voting that is possible in my new state, and the encouragement of one of the two congregations I've been worshipping with to do so.

Kev and I are heading to a classmate's apartment when he gets off work to ready fondue for an election night party there. I'm hoping to grab a nap this afternoon so I can stay up as late as possible. Heck, maybe I'll even indulge in some late in the day caffeine.

This is a HUGE day for our nation (maybe for our world).

But... it is a pretty big day in this pregnancy too- I am due exactly a month from today.

I was born at the tail end of Gerald Ford's pregnancy. My earliest years on earth Jimmy Carter was at the healm.

I will be THRILLED if a month before our baby enters this world, we receive word Barack Obama is heading to the White House, THRILLED if he begins to lead just a month after our baby enters this world. May it be so.


esperanza said...

Big day indeed. Ya know, those of us born during the waning days of Nixon's presidency aren't so excited to consider these things...I went to high school with a guy who was born on the day Nixon resigned.

Nonetheless, very exciting. Blessings on your final month!

Heidi said...

The tail end of Gerald Ford's pregnancy, huh? Now there's one of his gaffes that never quite made the news, eh? :)

daisy said...

darn, Heidi beet me to ford's pregnancy line. Election night 1976 was the first night you settled yourself back into sleep after fussing a few minutes, fussing not screaming without me patting your back. Of course we had the obnoxious couple from downstairs visiting. She was trying to sell him on having a aby. He was too self centered. When you started to whimper, I explained I would wait a few minutes and then go an comfort you. He challenged me as to why I would do that, I said, because that is how it works. Well, you changed the rules that night and settled back in within minutes without my assistance and I had egg on my face, the first of many times in mothering! I loved your early asseting of your personality! Love, Mame Daisy

Sarah S-D said...

oops... good catch. think i'll leave it.