Wednesday, November 26, 2008

8 days away- the wisdom of a sister

So before crashing last night I strategized with my sister. What did we need to accomplish before our guests arrive? As the friend who is coming initially offered to help us with organizing the nursery I felt, therefore, that we should really have a nursery ready to be organized when she got here. But we don't. And that was stressing me a bit.

My sister asked, "Is organization of the nursery really your top priority this week? Are there other ways that your guest can be more helpful to you now?"

A flood of thoughts came to mind. I shared a few.

"Well, she wants to be helpful. And that's the help you need. And that's o.k.."

My sister pointed out that as she will be here until my mom gets here (over a month) and that as a nursery is not needed right away and that as she and my mom are willing and able to help with just about anything... it is o.k. to ask for the help I need.

It sounds so obvious, but thank God she is here because I'm not sure I would have arrived at this conclusion on my own.

So this morning we will continue basic house cleaning, will prepare space for our guests to comfortably sleep, maybe we'll get some more pictures on the wall, maybe. And we'll bake for the big meal tomorrow. I asked Kev if he wants me to plan a flow for the meal preparation and he said that was fine with him. The husbands are in charge of the meal, but I've been in charge of planning the meal, shopping for the meal, etc. So maybe I'll do one more step of planning. If time and energy allow...

While our friends are here I'll use her wise visual brain to help me figure out some puzzling decorating challenges for our general house decor, and will draw on her assistance to decorate for Christmas. I was thinking as I woke up this morning that perhaps organizing diapers and a changing area is a good idea. So maybe we'll do that too...

I am very blessed.

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