Saturday, November 22, 2008

more mundane, but GOOD NEWS

  • Katherine, sister midwife, is in the same time zone now. Spent the night in Kansas and arrives TONIGHT!!!

  • Finally got the results of my Strep B test- NEGATIVE. Thanks be to God. I REALLY didn't want to have to make the decision about I.V. antibiotics (which can be administered at home-wow!) because antibiotics and me- we don't generally get along.

  • Midwife check-up on Thursday was luxuriously long. The apprentice, who will be at our birth, came. It is the first time I've met with her since our first appointment months ago. She is lovely. Just the energy balance to my primary midwife (who is also lovely, but different) that I need. She asked me lots of questions about my hopes for the birth. She asked specifically about what I anticipated from my husband... and I realized that I don't have specific anticipation except that he will be wonderful and attentive because... have you met Kevin? Then you know that no plan is needed for him to be on the spot with compassion. I got all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. They had left their stethoscope at the last birth they had attended so I don't know what my blood pressure was, but not too worried about it as it has been so consistently good. My fundus was measuring 39 (maybe this baby is really bulking up... or else it is all the cheese I've been eating...) My weight is up to 225. Baby's heart rate in the 140s. Baby still head down- good baby. We have a GREAT birthing team. Thanks be to God.

o.k., i will finish these papers... i will.

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Rev SS said...

Such a wonderful time! I just caught up on recent posts, starting with shower pics. So glad your sis and birthing team are in place. Many blessings!