Thursday, December 4, 2008

11:12 am

We are at about 12 hours of active labor now and things are getting more intense. Sarah is tired, going on very little sleep, and contractions are longer and harder. She is doing a great job-- remaining calm and breathing deeply through contractions. The midwife and Katherine (it is so cool that she is both a sister and a birthing expert) are readying the birthing pool thing (I don't know the actual name of it. It's just a giant plastic pool, like a kiddie pool but without the colorful pictures of fish and stuff on it). They thought it would be a good idea if Sarah walked around a bit so she is up and moving. Kevin is being an amazing encourager and back rubber.

Things seem to be picking up.


Rhonda said...

Continuing to send good thoughts! This last stretch is really hard when mama is tired... hopefully she'll get a nice long rest before it's time to push. She's in good hands, all 'round!

LittleMary said...

i am DYING of suspense! prayers, prayers and more prayers! and love!
love, crazy aunt mieke, the baptizer

TWIG said...

Oh! oh! this is fantastic, and exciting, and all my best to the whole sleep-deprived crew. we're keeping watch, here in Louisville.

Sherry Mc said...

Oh my, you guys are incredible! Living thru this with you has me remembering the wonders of my deliveries. You're nearing the end and the answers to so many questions will suddenly be in your arms!!! Hugs and prayers to you all. Aunt Sherry