Thursday, December 4, 2008

5:25 am

Tish here.

I had to go to the airport to drop off my husband. While I was gone, Sarah and Kevin rested some. Sarah had some intense contractions and got in the tub.

They have slowed, but seem longer to me than earlier in the night. We are waiting hopefully. Labor is a beautiful picture of Advent.

Sarah is doing great. She is in good spirits and doing an amazing job breathing and leaning into the contractions. I think she is going to try to get some needed rest.


Shifting Gears said...

This is like waiting for Christmas...I am so excited!

I pray for strength for you...Rest between contractions, remember to find a focal point and BREATHE!

Kevin, if she has back labor try massaging her back-a tennis ball sometimes helps.

Popscicles might come in handy for a dry mouth.

Katherine-you are doing a great job (I can't think of anyone better to be present with Sarah and Kevin at this miraculous time)

Blessings on all!

Shifting Gears said...

N is awake now and wants to let you know that she is thinking of you too..."I hope that you, Kevin, and baby are doing well"

The rest of the family has been asking for updates as well.

Debra said...

Tish: I'm so glad you are a part of this for Sarah! I thought I'd share my 2 cents - and that's about what it is worth but would you have Sarah (and Katherine) consider this...
I am struck by what she said earlier......
"The unsure part is related to the fact that this STILL doesn't feel real to me. I can't actually imagine that soon and very soon we're going to have a baby, a real baby. I can't get my head around it. No matter how long, strong, or close together the contractions are."
I really resonated with this statement - Sarah spent SO much energy and SO much of herself trying to get the baby IN there that there may be an unconscious need to keep the baby IN! There is SUCH a mind body connection in labor - and those words just got me thinking.... I wish I could talk verbally about this but I don't want to intrude. Sarah has my phone number if she or Katherine want to call. I DO know that your subconscious can affect progress. And, I know that this is a bit "Ina Mayish"! :)

So, as they say in the south......Y'all are doing great!
For now: Sarah and Kevin: Philippians 4:13.

j said...

Every time I woke throughout the night, I prayed for all of you, laboring there, and sent you all good energy and thoughts and light. You are surrounded with so much of all that is good, and we are all waiting to celebrate with you, even as we labor with you!

Sandwitchedin said...

Sarah & Kevin ~

You know how much I love you. Soon you will know a love like you've never felt before. It will be hard to remember life before your little one came to us.

Katherine ~
Oh how I wish I had a sister with me during birth. I loved having my mom present - but a sister.... I will never forget being present at Josh's birth. It is a gift to be there for everyone.

Tish ~
How wonderful you are to be there for Sarah. You must be one special person.

Aunt Debbie

Magdalene6127 said...

Still with you in joy and anticipation!


Heidi said...

Thinking of you all, and having some tears in my eyes! (of great happiness)

daisy said...

Mom here or Mamie in waiting,. My cell rang @ 8 (EST) and I got excited only to discover it was a friend needing to process an insight of self awareness which I was glad to be part of. So I came down stairs to talk plans with dad and decided to check on line and Oh My God! I can't believe I slept soundly while all this was happening, then again I needed to to fight the plague. I am holding you all in my heart. I celebrate the git of the grandbaby arriving soon and also the picture of you and Katherine together is a gift beyond words for me, more then I could ever have expected, love Mama daisy

Kathryn said...

Oh....this is amazing. To be part of this wonder while so far away. Sarah, you have already laboured for longer than all my 3 deliveries together, so I am awestruck that you are doing so well and are so strong in all this.
Your support team sounds just perfect - and no doubt you are all working hard by now.
Love and prayers and more love

Mama V said...

"Labor is a beautiful picture of Advent." So true, Tish! Thanks for that!

Slow and steady is good, Sarah. God and nature are good to us. It might not always feel that way in the throes of (active!) labor, but there's always a bit of rest in between contractions and the reminder of what you're working towards and the gift that is to come. It sounds like your body is doing everything it's supposed to do.

Good job, Team SEC3.