Friday, December 19, 2008

BIG day

Caroline is 2 weeks old today! I hope to take and post a picture before day is through. We have sort of slowed down on the picture taking.

Aunt Katherine and I are taking Caroline out on the town, in daylight (such as it is on this grey December day). First I have a doctor's appointment to follow-up on the excitement of last Friday. And then she has her first appointment with her pediatrician. I took a recommendation from my childbirth educator's mom group... first call I made worked out... hoping it is a good fit.

We debated about how to dress Caroline for her big day out on the town... but I decided to put her back in an adorable pink outfit she wore for several hours yesterday. It is just. too. cute. And it is picture day afterall.

This outfit was a shower gift when we yet did not know that we would be blessed with a daughter. At the time I thought, "Um..." Kevin swears he would have put a boy in this outfit... but... as much as I want to not succumb to the "pink is for girls" phenomenon and as much as I don't want to melt when I see that my girl is pretty in pink... I have and I do. And, at the moment, it is the only pink outfit we own. So... from time to time I'll indulge.

It is just Caroline and me at home at the moment. Katherine is staying at the home of one of my classmate's now. And Kevin is off to work. In bits and pieces as these two weeks have unfolded we've had more frequent and longer just the two of us moments. And I like them.

But I also like having wonderful people who love her to pass her off to.

We are blessed.


Anonymous said...

Though I have not been so great with the commenting, I am thrilled to hear you are doing better and wish you blessings on your outing today! Have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Jennifer said...

Happy two weeks old, Caroline Grace!

Kathryn said...

Happy 2 weeks birthday, Caroline....And ANOTHER Grace to add to those already abounding, a lovely couple whom I married last year emailed the news that Amelia Grace Elizabeth arrived yesterday...What a Grace-full era!
Hope the paed. is pleased with you, sweetie

daisy said...

Only two weeks? It seems as if she has always been around! can't wait to hear about today, Love Mamie Daisy

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy two week birthday CG.
Happy birthday to you!

Singing this way is much less disturbing than listening to me sing in real life off key!

ymp said...

Two weeks! Wow!
Your posts about life with Caroline always make me smile (well, except for the ones about last Friday, of course).