Sunday, December 7, 2008

sleeping loves

beloved k sleeping soundly beside me. he goes back to work tomorrow and is catching a nap to help him through whatever tonight brings.

beloved c sleeping soundly on me.

and i'm surfing the web.


Rhonda said...

Dear Sarah,
You sound like you are in a wonderful, peaceful place. I am glad. I was hoping that my comment before wasn't hurtful... I just know those complicated depths so well. I'm glad you knew it was coming from a loving place.
My labors were the opposite of yours: a freight train; nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, no rest. Sara's birth - it was utterly terrifying. Honestly I believed I would not survive! Yet, I did. And you did... and now you are part of that blessed sisterhood. Nothing will challenge you as much as this; very few things will take you to the summits of joy like this. Enjoy that baby, hold her and smell her and breathe her in and don't forget. They grow up fast. ::sniff::
Much love. Rhonda

Juniper said...

sweet post. thank you.

April said...

I'm so glad to read that you are feeling better. Enjoy every sweet moment, dear Sarah.

Mama V said...