Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1:18 A.M.

This is Sarah again. Tish is resting and I wanted to capture a few thoughts between contractions.

Kev and I just took a vigorous walk around the block, in the rain. It rained like this on our wedding night and honeymoon. I'm very grateful that it is raining. The sound is soothing and cool water falling from above felt wonderful. The contractions are coming closer and closer together now, but they aren't quite as strong as they were before. I wonder if this is my body's way of getting me ready for a new pace before a new intensity.

Kev is being absolutely wonderful. Tremendously present and supportive, as I knew he would be.

And Tish is fabulous. I am so grateful I went with my instinct and invited her in.

And, of course, it continues to be a great gift to have Katherine here. She's giving good practical tips in light of the results of the internal and exam and is getting ready to make more chex mix... mmm...

Kev asked how I was feeling emotionally while we were walking and my answer was "grateful, excited, and unsure". The unsure part is related to the fact that this STILL doesn't feel real to me. I can't actually imagine that soon and very soon we're going to have a baby, a real baby. I can't get my head around it. No matter how long, strong, or close together the contractions are.

But... it will be real soon enough. Soon and very soon.


esperanza said...

I'm up with a sniffly baby here and just had to check and see how your little one is progressing. Prayers continue for all...

Mary Beth said...


Corrie said...

Oh, Sarah. You are all in my heart tonight.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

I am glad you have such good support, and hope that your little one arrives soon.

Shifting Gears said...

I am so happy that Kev gets to be home and actively involved, after all, this is his little miracle too.

How is Kev doing? Are you holding up? Make sure that you are resting between contractions too. The job of Coach isn't easy either (I was the coach for all 4 of my sister's children). It can be exhausting!

We continue to hold all of you in our thoughts and prayers!