Wednesday, December 3, 2008

9:59 A.M.

Back from pancakes... mmm....

No dramatic water break... the biggest surprise was that, for the first time ever, there was NO WAIT at this fabulous and popular restaurant. We were seated immediately and our food seemed to come moments after being ordered.

We're going to watch a d.v.d. in bed, hoping to catch a few more hours of sleep. My sister is afraid that the baby won't come until tomorrow and I'll be too exhausted if I labor through the night tonight after only three hours last night. So... texting my midwife to let her know the plan. And I hope to be sleeping soon.

I don't know if I'll continue this live-blogging, but... so far it is fun to stay connected with all of you and to thereby feel your prayers and support. I suspect that once truly active labor kicks in... this blog will get quieter. We shall see.


RevDrKate said...

Just checking in...praying on. Rest well.

LittleMary said...

you should have a classmate come over to live blog:) then we can all be there! yeah!

Sandwitchedin said...

You might want to get that last belly shot.

No pressure (can you say that to a laboring mom?) :-)

Aunt Debbie

Desert Mama said...

prayers for rest for now - and peace as you go through this amazing time. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

esperanza said...

Checking in and still praying for little one's safe and timely arrival.

Silent said...

So exciting! I love that you are live-blogging...wish I had thought of it! :)

I'm sure it will become less important, but that will give us all a hint that things are progressing.

Rest as much as you can now. And listen to your body (that was the best advice I got for my labor). Since it sounds like you have a wise sister, I would add, listen to her.

Prayers for you all!

Juniper said...

Hey there - praying and lighting candles out here, too. Just came across this poem in Maren Tirabassi's book Improbable Gift of Blessing and thought of you. Not trying to take over the comments, but it just seems so. perfect.

"I am drawn into the
friendship of owmen
recognizing our
special blessings,
murmuring greetings
of miracle and revolution,
but I am also in a
relationship so intimate
that it cannot be shared,
with a Mystery
with an overshadowing
Spirit who hushes
me to awe.

More full of power
than I have ever been -
as if my words could
change the world -
I am singing
the connection of
this child's birth
with justice for all children,
and healing and plenty.

I know my womb has met
an angel."

Love you,

Kathryn said...

sleep well, honey...we'll do the watch and pray bit for you, and hope for news of joy coming in the morning (it's 8.30 Wednesday evening here...)