Wednesday, December 3, 2008

5:09 P.M.

We took a half hour walk and then returned to decorate our tree. We videotaped the tree decorating, reflecting on the source of various ornaments along the way, and musing about future trees to be decorated with a child in the house... which ornaments that we find to be "meh" will the child find gorgeous? And will an annual birthday tradition be the decorating of the tree?

Definitely still seem to be in early labor, but I remembered that first time moms often have at least 24 hours of early labor. And I feel o.k. about this. My midwife was a bit anxious earlier in the day given the leaking fluid yesterday, but the leaking has been minimal today and I'm just content to let this baby come when he or she is ready. One of Katherine's dearest midwife friends said to her "I want to remind you that your sister is having an entirely normal first birth. Everything is fine." Yes. It is.

I have invited Tish, one of my newest and dearest friends, to join us when active labor begins and she has been very sweetly checking in throughout the day. She said that when her husband woke up this morning he said "the baby is not coming today". I think he's right. She remains on call.

I think the baby is intending to prove Aunt Katherine wrong, Aunt Katherine who has said repeatedly "You do know this baby is NOT coming on the due date, right?"

Kev stayed home from work today, but he's off the next four days anyhow so this baby is well timed, a most cooperative baby indeed.


Kelly said...

I am on pins and needles!!!

I thought for sure I would have heard that baby was here by now...But...I think it would be really awesome if she/he came on the due date...My son came on his due date and my third child came on the ultrasound due date. The middle one was two days early.

I am so EXCITED for you and Kev! You are going to be the best parents in the World!

Magdalene6127 said...


RevDrKate said...

Back to the updates!

Sandwitchedin said...

I believe this child has your patience to not rush into anything major (like this world or Phd programs). Baby is taking this all in, marvelling at wonder, appreciating the miracle that is now, just like Momma.

Aunt Debbie

Sophia said...

Juniper let us know about this on the prayer blog, yayy! Holding you in prayer in this holy ordeal.

Not sure if this would be helpful for you, but during my labor with my youngest daughter I used the breath prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, who gave birth on the cross, have mercy on me as I labor."

P.S. I have a new blog and blogname, but you knew me last year as Mother Laura of Junia's Daughter.