Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2 days away- more signs- perhaps TMI

I have slept incredibly well the past few nights. Thanks be to God.

Yesterday, as the day progressed I felt more dramatic movement than usual in my uterus. When my sister felt my belly late in the day it appeared the baby was in the process of turning into a left-sided position which is a standard pre-birth shift. She called it a shift to the "rapid exit" position. As of last night though the baby was posterior (her best guess), the baby's back to my back (I think that's what that means), and ideally it has completed or will soon complete the turn and not remain in a posterior position.

This morning I appear to be losing the cervical mucus plug and for the past two days my bowels have been dramatically clearing out... so... perhaps we're getting closer. Maybe this baby won't be late afterall!

Thanks so much for all your predictions. More predictions are certainly welcome! My brother guessed that the baby would come on his half birthday, the 11th. If the baby were to come today, which seems unlikely, it would be three months to the day of my birthday. And, for some strange reason I remember that today is the birthday of the church musician from my childhood church, who lived in our extra room for awhile. He is a pretty cool guy... so I'm cool with that. I'm guessing we won't make it to the 8th however... but we'll see.

I was going to edit until I got sick of editing today and then work on further prepping our bedroom for the birth. I think I might reverse the order of those activities.


Mama V said...

Oh wow! Those are some sure signs! Very exciting!

Jon said...

Hi Sarah: I'm guessing you'll be giving birth in the next couple of days :-) (I lost my mucous plug an hour before my water broke!) I'm guessing it's a girl (Caroline Grace, I presume) and will be just under 7 lbs. So exciting! Praying for a smooth birth,


Rev SS said...

Just catching up ... and sharing your anticipation, joy and excitement. Advent Blessings to you!

RevDrKate said...

Oooh, the excitement is contagious! I'm thinking she may want to be a "RevGal Friday 5" in her own right! But whenever s/he arrives it will be the right day! Blessings to all of you.

Magdalene6127 said...

Sweetie, I'd been missing your blogging at the other place... I didn't realize you were HERE! So wonderful to read all these recent entries. I'm so excited for you!

Love you lots.

LittleMary said...

yeah! how cool is this. praying for you. did the blanket i made get to you in the mail?