Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7:02 A.M.

Received a text message about 15 minutes ago from my primary midwife. "This is your morning wake up call. I'm here. : )"

I didn't really get back to sleep after the 2 a.m. wake up... made the play list, listened to today's pray-as-you-go podcast (of note- today is the feast day of St. Francis of Xavier- even though I won't name this child after Fran... what a day... and the reading for the day was the first one I chose for my ordination "Consider us in this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries..."), then to the most recent episode of "Radio Lab"- on, of all things, "Sperm"- and then tried to sleep, checked in with sister at 5, she said to try to sleep more, timed contractions, listened to "Wait, Wait..." kind of. And then the text.

And that's the latest.


Heidi said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, Sarah! Can't wait for your baby to come. :)

j said...

It's fun to be a part of your virtual birth community! XOXO

RevDrKate said...

Oh, Sarah, just had an e-mail from "C" to send me over to see the update! Excited for you!